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Downloaded 57706 times.
- Windows Mobile 5+ Professional
- latest .NET CF 3.5

- GPS (built-in or external)
- Internet Connection
OpenMobileMaps works well even if you don't meet the recommendations. You can still download the map tiles with your PC and transfer it to your smartphone. For this scenario I recommend JTileDownloader.
If you want to bulk download tiles on your phone you can try PDA TileManager

- showing map in fullscreen
- finger friendly user interface
- map tiles are automatically downloaded if internet connection is available
- map tiles are stored locally for offline use
- GPS support and GSM triangulation
- shows actual position on map
- follow-mode to automatically scroll the map
- search addresses
- calculate routes
- choose between different map providers
- multi-language support
- self-update functionality
- gps and gsm tracking (not yet implemented)

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